Saturday, September 26, 2009

Halloween Socks Are Finally Here!

Halloween Socks are finally here! I've come up with 4 different Halloween themed socks and each of those themes have 2 different styles. The socks and descriptions are listed below and all of the sizes, care of the socks, safety and customer satisfaction information will be below the pictures and descriptions. Enjoy and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Halloween Night:
Halloween Night is made with Glow in the Dark pony beads with a scattering of orange, white and black pony beads. These are great for all ages! In fact I've had more adults ordering these than I have had kids. Go figure!

Halloween Night
Halloween Night.1
Halloween Night.2
I can also add a Jack O' Lantern bead to the side of the sock for an extra $1.
Halloween Night w/ Jack O' Lantern


Dem'Bones is made with black and white tri-beads and black crochet thread. These black and white socks can actually be worn anytime of year as they are classic colors that go with anything you may have.

I can also add a Jack O' Lantern bead to the side of the sock for an extra $1.
Dem'Bones w/ Jack O' Lantern

Bats in the Pumpkin Patch:
Bats in the Pumpkin Patch socks are made with clear orange tri-beads and solid black tri-beads. Truly Halloween!

Bats in the Pumpkin Patch
Bats in the Pumpkin Patch.1
Bats in the Pumpkin Patch.2
I can also add a Jack O' Lantern bead to the side of the sock for an extra $1.
Bats in the Pumpkin Patch with Jack O' Lantern
The Colors of Halloween:
The Colors of Halloween socks are just that...the colors of Halloween. These socks are made from orange, white and black pony beads. Happy Halloween!

The Colors of Halloween
The Colors of Halloween.1
The Colors of Halloween.2
I can also add a Jack O' Lantern bead to the side of the sock for an extra $1.

The Colors of Halloween w/ Jack O' Lantern

child's small (shoe size 6-10)
child's medium (shoe size 10-4)
child's large (shoe size 4-10)
Ladies (shoe size 4-10)~ Please note that for this size it will be US $7.00.
CARE OF SOCKS: You can wash these socks in the washing machine. These socks will need to be air dried. I would suggest putting them into a mesh bag to wash to keep them nice and neat.

SAFETY: Never leave a child under the age of 3 unsupervised while wearing any beaded socks.

SATISFACTION: I am here to make you happy. If you are not satisfied with your socks please contact me and I will make it right. Thank-you.

SHIPPING: I will combine shipping if you order more than one item. If you live locally I can even deliver them to you. Either place your order here or send me a message directly.

SPECIAL ORDER: If you have a particular color combination in mind please place a special order and I'll be happy to create it for you.


Kirsten said...

WOW - I love them all. Wish I was a kid again so I could wear them!

Anonymous said...

omg..i absolutely love them..

they are glorious..

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Rae Ann said...

Love the glow in the dark ones!

I'm following you from the MBC Under 100 Club. I look forward to seeing more!